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UniGel (1 Litre)

Product Features

  • Restores electrolyte balance in calves after periods of dehydration

    Helps reverse electrolyte loss by enabling rapid water absorption

    Aids milk clotting

    Manufactured to be highly palatable for calves

  • Category: CFS
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    UniGel is a highly palatable, dietetic complementary feedstuff for the restoration of electrolyte balance in both beef and dairy calves.  UniGel is designed to be mixed with tepid water/milk at a ratio of 20 ml UniGel to 1 Litre water/milk.  You should feed the calf 2 Litres of this for 2 days, or more if necessary.  UniGel has a perfect balance of Dextrose and Sodium, designed to aid water absorption to the intestine thus helping to maintain the calf's osmolarity.

    In case of risk of, during periods of, or recovery from digestive disturbance (diarrhoea), it is recommended that a veterinarians opinion be sought before using this product.